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Learning a foreign language is a complex exercise, which can take several months or even years. But to help you learn quickly and efficiently, you can now complete your online courses with Babbel's online exercises.

Get Babbel, the # 1 online exercise app, and gain access to:

app14 languages
timerLessons of 15 minutes, ranked by levels
exercices_variesVarious exercises
(oral and written comprehension, pronunciation)
yeuxAn application available on mobile and computer

We are convinced that the secret of successful learning lies in the regularity (it means that you have to revise a little every day), but also in the variety of learning methods. As we explain in our learning guide, you have to do online courses, complete written exercises, watch videos in the language studied, engage in conversations, etc.

Thanks to Babbel, you are free to complete your learning between each Global Lingua course. You can even discuss your progress with your teacher!

To get your own Babbel subscription, contact our customer service to purchase your 6-month subscription and get your code.

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