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DELF preparation courses

Find out about our DELF preparation courses. DELF stands for Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française.


This program is designed for people who wish to take the DELF test to certify their level of French. Students taking the DELF test have a beginner or intermediate level according to the CEFR.


The DELF consists of 4 independent diplomas (DELF A1, DELF A2, DELF B1 and DELF B2) valid for life and issued by the French Ministry of Education. The DELF diploma certifies the language skills of non-native speakers of French.

Note that there is also a DALF exam, or Diplôme approfondi de langue française, for advanced students (C1 and C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or CEFR).

The content and duration of the DELF tests vary according to the level taken. For example, the DELF A1 written expression test lasts 30 minutes, while the DELF B2 written expression test lasts 1 hour.

DELF A1 : 

  • oral comprehension: 20 minutes
  • written comprehension: 30 minutes
  • written expression: 30 minutes
  • oral expression: 5 to 7 minutes (with 10 minutes of preparation)

DELF A2 : 

  • oral comprehension: 25 minutes
  • written comprehension: 30 minutes
  • written expression: 45 minutes
  • oral expression: 6 to 8 minutes (with 10 minutes of preparation)

DELF B1 : 

  • oral comprehension: 25 minutes
  • written comprehension: 45 minutes
  • written expression: 45 minutes
  • oral expression: 15 minutes (with 10 minutes of preparation)

DELF B2 : 

  • oral comprehension: 30 minutes
  • written comprehension: 60 minutes
  • written expression: 60 minutes
  • oral expression: 20 minutes (with 30 minutes of preparation)


Our teachers help students check their level of French and then improve it while optimizing their revision for the DELF. During the first class, an evaluation of the student's level allows us to better identify his/her needs. The teacher structures the lessons around the student's weak points and gives them targeted exercises to prepare them before the exam.

When choosing Global Lingua's online courses to prepare for the DELF exam, you’ll be sure to have :

  • A program adapted to your needs
  • Personalized courses to prepare for the exam
  • Video conference courses via Google Meet to work on listening and speaking skills
  • Learning objectives defined between you and the teacher
  • Self-paced learning path
  • Courses available for students of all levels
  • Frequent evaluations to monitor progress
  • Exercises and mock exams to consolidate skills


DELF preparation courses allow students to acquire the linguistic level necessary to pass the exam. The objective? To develop fluency and autonomy in order to be able to understand the content of a complex text, to communicate with a native speaker in a clear manner, or to express an opinion clearly. The student will then be able to answer all oral and written DELF questions.



DELF preparation can be done via Google Meet or by phone, whichever is more convenient for the student. Online courses are recommended to quickly improve oral comprehension, but also for written comprehension! The teacher can show live documents via screen sharing, which makes the course interactive.

It is possible to cancel a lesson or to modify the schedule, without penalty, with a 48-hour notice. In the study area, you will find information such as the course schedule, assignments and learning objectives. 


DELF preparation courses are given at the frequency and time that best suits the student. Generally, students choose to take 30-minute or one-hour classes, and then move on to longer classes when they feel comfortable.

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