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OQLF French exam preparation courses

Discover our exam preparation courses for the OQLF French exam. Be prepared when you take take the exam of the Office québécois de la langue française.

Members of professional orders must have a knowledge of French appropriate to the practice of their profession.

The assessment takes the form of a case study related to the professional context. The main task is to analyze a situation with the collaboration of other members of the same professional order in order to arrive at a solution or a recommendation.


This course program is intended for people who must demonstrate a certain level of the French language to register in a professional order. If you have not taken French studies in Quebec or if you have not taken French exams before, you will need to take the exam of the Office québécois de la langue française (or OQLF). The successful completion of this test is necessary to meet the requirement of their professional order and qualify for a permanent license to practice their profession in Québec.

The OQLF exam is free, takes about three and a half hours and consists of four parts: oral comprehension, written expression, written comprehension and oral expression. To pass this exam, you must obtain at least 60% of correct answers to each skill tested.


Global Lingua teachers are at your disposal to support you in your development of French and to optimize your preparation time for the test. In fact, our teachers will point out aspects of French that require improvement to enable you to reach the level required for the International French Test. You will be able to increase your chances of joining an official certificate that proves that you have the required level in French to join a professional order. People like to take our OQLF exam preparation courses for the following reasons:

  • Program designed to achieve the required level in the OQLF exam
  • French courses tailored to your specific needs
  • Learning objectives determined between you and your teacher
  • Tracking according to your individual rhythm
  • Courses available for individuals of all levels
  • Frequent evaluations to observe your progress
  • Exercises and homework (if needed) to consolidate your skills
  • Courses offered remotely by Google Meet or telephone


The contents of Global Lingua courses are personalized. Our teachers always try to approach the learning of a language by using subjects which will engage the student: it is always more motivating to follow a course if the activities are built around topics of interest to you.

The preparation courses for the OQLF test will enable you to work both your oral comprehension and your written expression. Your teacher will therefore focus in the courses on your ability to interact and express your point of view on different subjects in French.

Course content

First, we offer a student level assessment to better understand the needs and weaknesses of the student. We provide all the necessary material for the course and our teachers guide you through your preparation by giving you all the information on your progress for each part of the exam.

There are 4 parts of the exam :

  • 1.Individual preparatory activity (Reading comprehension in French)
    You must read the case study that will be given to you. It contains two texts:
    • a context, which is the same for everyone;
    • a clean sheet for everyone.
  • 2. Group oral interaction activity (Oral comprehension and expression in French)
    This is a group discussion involving up to eight people from the same profession.
    • You must first provide the information from the case study and ask questions to others in order to get all the information.
    • You should then discuss possible solutions or recommendations.
  • 3. Individual writing activity (written Expression in French)
    • This is the writing of a text in which you must present a solution or a recommendation related to the case study.
    • You must write, following the instructions, a text of a minimum of words ranging between 150 and 200, depending on the profession.
  • 4. Individual oral interaction activity (Oral comprehension and expression in French)
    This is a meeting with the evaluator, who plays the role of a person involved in the case study. This person tells you new facts about the situation.
    You must explain the solutions or the professional steps that you suggest to him, according to the instructions.

    For the preparation of the written expression, the teacher will send you corrections in red of your compositions, letters, cases, etc. as well as grammar exercises to help you improve areas identified during the correction process.

    For the oral expression, the teacher gives his or her opinion and corrects the student while he / she speaks and writes the corrections on Google Meet so that the student can understand the mistakes being made during the preparation of the oral expression part of the exam. Targeted exercises will be assigned to help the student improve for both parts of the exam, the group oral expression interaction as well as the individual oral expression interaction.

    To prepare for the written comprehension, the student will receive a case to read with questions to answer, the teacher will correct the exercises and offer tips to improve the reading comprehension.


You can take Global Lingua courses remotely by Google Meet or over the phone. It is possible to cancel or modify your class schedule, without penalty, with 48 hours notice. At Global Lingua, you benefit from a study area that contains plenty of learning tools and that allows you to access the history of your course notes exchanged between you and your teacher.

If you feel the need to study between two online courses, we recommend you try the Babbel app. In only 15 minutes per day, it allows you to study with various exercises.



The exam preparation courses for the Office québécois de la langue française are given at the time that may best suit your schedule and your weekly rhythm. You can also choose the frequency of your lessons. You may decide to take 30-minute or one-hour classes, but you can also take longer courses.


At Global Lingua, it is also possible to benefit from the help of a teacher to optimize your preparation time for different tests. We offer different courses:

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