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TEFAQ preparation courses

Discover our preparation courses for the French Evaluation Test for Quebec (TEFAQ). Take our specialized French courses in order to easily pass the TEFAQ exam.


This course program is intended for people who must attest to their proficiency in the French language, particularly as part of an immigration process. The French Evaluation Test for Quebec (TEFAQ) is a general French test to determine the level of knowledge and skills in French reading and listening as well as speaking and writing.

It is one of the tests recognized by immigration through the province of Quebec. Normally, immigration requires only passing two sections, oral expression and oral comprehension when applying in Quebec.


Global Lingua teachers are at your disposal to support you in your development of French and to optimize your preparation time for the TEFAQ. In fact, our teachers will point out aspects of French that require improvement to enable you to reach the level required for the International French Test. You can increase your chances of joining an official certificate that proves that you have the required level in French to undertake studies. People enjoy attending our TEFAQ preparation classes for the following reasons:
  • Program designed to achieve the required level before taking the TEFAQ
  • French courses tailored to your specific needs
  • Learning objectives determined between you and your teacher
  • Tracking according to your individual rhythm
  • Courses available for individuals of all levels
  • Frequent evaluations to observe your progress before the exam
  • Exercises and homework (if needed) to consolidate your skills
  • Courses offered remotely by Skype or telephone


First, we offer an evaluation of the student’s level to better understand their needs and weaknesses. We provide all the material for the classes and for the preparation of the TEFAQ exam. Our teachers guide students throughout the preparation giving them all the information on progress for each section of the exam.

The contents of Global Lingua courses are personalized. Our teachers always try to approach the learning or the development of a language by using subjects which can arouse your interest: it is always more motivating to follow a course if the activities are built around topics of interest to you.

The preparation courses for the TEFAQ will allow you to work both your oral comprehension and your written expression. Your teacher will therefore focus in the courses on your ability to interact and express your point of view on different subjects in French.


You can take the preparation courses for the TEFAQ remotely by Skype or by phone. It’s the perfect way to improve speaking skills, while the shared screens allow the student to improve its reading skills. It is possible to cancel or modify your class schedule, without penalty, with 48 hours notice. At Global Lingua, you benefit from a study area that represents a real place to share learning tools and that allows you to access the history of your course notes exchanged between you and your teacher.


TEFAQ preparation courses, or French Evaluation Test for Quebec, are given at the time that best suits your schedule. It is also possible for you to choose the frequency of your courses. You may decide to take 30-minute or one-hour classes, but you can also take longer courses.


At Global Lingua, it is also possible to benefit from the help of a teacher to optimize your preparation time for different tests. These are the following courses:

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