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4 Good Resolutions to Learn a New Language in the New Year
From Guy P. - French teacher, Posted on Jan 1, 2021 10:35:00 AM 0
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The new year is around the corner and already, you are starting to think about your good resolutions? Sport, healthy cooking, a new hobby... What if one of your good resolutions for the new year is to learn a foreign language? Here are 4 good resolutions to make in order to improve your learning experience.

Deciding to learn a foreign language is a big deal. We know that it will take time, motivation and sometimes money. So you might as well make your life easier by putting all the chances on your side! Take advantage of the New Year to take some good resolutions and improve your language learning.

Whether you want to learn a brand new foreign language, or hope to improve your level of English or Spanish, Global Lingua will accompany you every step of the way. And we start right away with good advice...

Here are 4 good resolutions to think about if you want to learn a new language in the new year. Full disclosure, they're the same tips we give every year... Because they are still working!

Set an achievable goal

Let's be honest: on January 1st, we make a few good resolutions that we forget on December 4th... To make sure we keep our good resolution, it's better to start slowly, or to go in stages. For example, don't tell everyone that you want to learn Spanish in only 6 months! Instead, try to set yourself one or more easily quantifiable goals: to obtain the A1 level according to the CEFR in 6 months, to be able to hold a simple conversation with a Spanish person before your next summer trip, etc.

This little trick is also used in the S.M.A.R.T. method, in order to optimize your learning as much as possible. Setting an achievable goal = stay motivated for longer!

Be regular in your revisions

It’s our motto at Global Lingua: regularity is the key to rapid learning that lasts over time. Indeed, our brain needs to regularly review certain lessons, otherwise it will forget them over time. Have you heard of spaced repetition? It's a learning technique that allows you to retain facts, vocabulary, grammar lessons or conjugation for longer periods of time.

Being regular in your learning also helps keep you motivated. After all, who wants to start studying again after a month's break, only to find out that they have to start all over again?


Learn a language while having fun

Even if the new year's good resolutions are not always fun (especially if it's about getting into sports or learning a difficult language), you can always try to make them more exciting. Learning a language can be fun! It's just a matter of finding the learning method that you enjoy the most and, most importantly, multiplying the resources.

For example, you can study by reading a book or a magazine, watching a movie or even cooking with a video in the language you are studying. Learning a language with the help of workbooks and online courses is effective. But it also has to be fun: that's why we advise you to get off the beaten track when you're studying.

Find partners to engage in conversations

Learning a language should not be a solitary thing! Obviously, it is more efficient to learn certain lessons and vocabulary lists alone and in a quiet environment... But a language is something that has to be practiced! If you don't know anyone who wants to learn the same language as you, or if you don't know any natives, think about online courses. At Global Lingua, language learning relies on communication and discussion to the maximum.

Global Lingua's teachers will make you talk and will not hesitate to correct you at the right time, so that you will find it easier to remember the mistakes you should not make again.

Do you find it easier to learn a language thanks to these good resolutions? We’re glad we could help! Now we can't wait for you to start your beginner or intensive online English courses, or even your Italian and German courses!

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