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How to Prepare for the BRIGHT Test?
From L'équipe Global Lingua, Posted on Jan 25, 2021 10:00:00 AM 0
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Do you need to take a BRIGHT language test for your studies or for work? This test, available entirely online, is very convenient if you need to certify your level in English, French, Spanish or other languages. Find out how to prepare for the BRIGHT test with Global Lingua's online courses.

What is the BRIGHT test?

The BRIGHT language test is an online test to assess your level in one of the 11 languages offered: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish and Russian. Available online, it’s the ideal test to have a reliable evaluation of your language skills in written and oral comprehension, all in a professional context.

This is why this test is used by companies (e.g. when recruiting staff from abroad) as well as by CEGEPs and universities around the world.

The BRIGHT test generally consists of 2 parts, each with 60 questions, divided between oral and written comprehension (grammar and structures). The multiple-choice test lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and is done entirely online, via computer. Please note that there is also an English test for beginners called "Test: A LEVEL BEGINNERS English R NF" for advanced beginners. It is intended for students with a CEFR level between A1 and A2. This test is shorter, with only 80 questions in total.

Another advantage of the BRIGHT test is that the results are sent very quickly, no later than 5 working days following the test, and by email.


How do I prepare for the BRIGHT test at home?

If you are planning to take the BRIGHT test soon, we advise you to plan your revisions to cover both the written and oral parts. You should not rely on only one of the two parts of the test! Of course, to prepare yourself well for the reading and writing comprehension questions, we recommend that you use workbooks. But it is also possible to read newspaper articles or books to practice.

For oral comprehension, you should train your ear to recognize spoken English (it is not uncommon to hear words that you do not recognize, even though you know them in writing). Listen to podcasts or audiobooks to develop your skills.

How do I prepare for the BRIGHT test online?

With Global Lingua's online courses, let an experienced teacher manage your revisions! After determining your starting level, he or she will be able to define the points to work on before the BRIGHT language test. Even though the courses are based on communication and conversation, your teacher can send you exercises and assignments to do between classes, which you can then correct together.

For oral comprehension, it's even simpler. Your teacher will be able to offer you audio excerpts, before asking you questions to check that you have understood all the subtleties of the information you have heard.

How to prepare for the BRIGHT test with practice tests?

If you are nervous about the Bright test, it may be a good idea to practice with mock tests. This will allow you to know exactly what to expect on the big day: what type of question, the length of the test, the number of questions, etc. This is a good way to prepare yourself psychologically and to reduce your stress before the exam.

To train with the help of mock tests, we recommend the Test Lingua platform. You will find mock tests for the French Bright test that reproduce the real conditions of the test. If you purchase access to the mock tests, you will also receive a special Bright test guide detailing the French grammar and French conjugation points to review.

Now you have all the tools you need to better prepare for the test. And remember, by preparing in advance, you'll be more confident on test day! You may even gain a level just by studying with an online teacher. Take our BRIGHT test preparation courses...

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