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How to Learn French Fast?
From Fred - French teacher, Posted on Mar 18, 2020 12:51:18 PM 0
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You're wondering what is the quickest way to learn French? We all want to be able to learn new languages quickly… Especially French! So, how to learn French fast? Obviously, the learning journey will be different for everybody, but we rounded up 6 quick ways to learn French and become fluent.

Like we said, it’s difficult to know how long it will take you to become fluent in French. It depends on different variables. For example, if you have learnt a foreign language before, which languages you know, how motivated you are and what resources you’re using. To learn French fast, you have to take all these variables into account, as well as using some of our tips.

How to Learn French Fast?

If you want to learn French quickly, you’ll have to follow some ground rules. Here are 6 ways to learn French fast.

  1. Start with some basic sentences and write down the ones you’ll need most
  2. Use the Spaced Repetition System to learn your vocabulary
  3. Live surrounded by French
  4. Practice speaking French as often as possible
  5. Mix up your study methods
  6. Be consistent

Learn French With Some Basic Sentences

If you start your learning journey with heavy grammar rules, you’ll quit immediately. The French language is well known for its boring grammar rules and multiple exceptions. Instead, begin by learning some basic sentences in order to present yourself or to ask for your way during a trip abroad. Check the list of the most used words in French, read some French conversation starters and learn the phrases that you find the most useful.

You can even go further and write down all the sentences that you’ll need in the future, depending on your French-based goals. Do you want to visit France? Use a small notebook to write sentences about being abroad for the holidays, as well as a list of travel-related vocabulary words. Are you learning French for your work? Write down everything you might need during a job interview or during a business meeting. This way, you’ll learn French fast. Or at least, the sentences you really need.

learn French fast

Get Familiar with the Spaced Repetition System

Let’s be honest: learning long vocabulary lists isn’t the most exciting part of the learning process. Especially if a few weeks later, you realize that you’ve forgotten everything. Have you heard about the Spaced Repetition System? It’s a clever way to learn vocabulary and actually remember it... It’s simple: the more difficult a word is, the more you’ll study it over the weeks. For example, let’s say that you’re using flashcards with vocabulary words on it. The first one is very easy and you remember its meaning. So you put it in the “Study in 3 weeks” box. The second one is more complicated and you realize that you don’t remember what this word means. Put it in the “Study tomorrow” box ! Every time you have to study, place the cards/words in the right box.

Does it make sense? Don’t worry, there are plenty of mobile apps that use this method, so you don't have to write actual flashcards. Try SuperMemo, Anki (available on your computer) and TinyCards! Better remembering vocabulary will actually help you learn French fast.

Surround Yourself With French Stuff

This advice seems a little bit vague. It’s because you can adapt it to your own habits and preferences. Your goal is to read French sentences or learn about French culture every day. It can be some posters with French words (like a map of all the French food from each region of France), putting your phone settings in French, cooking with a French recipe, listening to a French podcast... You name it!

Don’t Be Afraid to Practice Speaking French

When learning a new language, beginners often feel uncomfortable speaking out loud. They’re still learning the right pronunciation of the words and they might take time finding the right verb or adjective to complete a sentence… Obviously, you’ll sound like a child when you first speak in a new language. But it’s okay! We all started there.

Oral expression is one of the most important parts of learning a new language : it will allow you to pinpoint your mistakes quicker and see your progress. So don't be afraid to speak up! You can begin during your solo lessons. Just read out loud when you're studying. You can also record yourself in order to better hear what you have to improve. When you feel comfortable enough, find a French person who will be able to discuss with you. It can be a French teacher during conversation classes, a friend leaving abroad, a study buddy, etc.

Use Different Study Methods

We often say this in our articles, but it’s important to use different study methods throughout your language learning journey. Firstly, because it will be funnier to use different resources, rather than always doing the same French exercises. Use books, movies, podcasts, Instagram, applications and more! There are so many ways to learn a language: you should try a few. And don’t think that if you use an app and exercise books, you don’t need to listen to podcasts or have a private tutor. All of these methods are complementary.

In order to follow a healthy learning routine, while using all these methods, be sure to implement a schedule. For example, Mondays can be for your online classes, Tuesdays for French exercises, Wednesdays for podcasts, etc. Feel free to switch it up depending on your motivation or needs, but remember: consistency is key.

French on app

Be Consistent Over Time

Do you know what’s the most important thing to apply if you want to learn French fast? Being consistent. You won’t learn French fast if you study once every two weeks, even if it’s for 3 hours. The best way to be efficient in your journey to fluency is to study every day. Obviously, you won't always be able to sit down for one hour and study vocabulary lists. During your busiest days, use your coffee break or your time before bed to read or listen to French for a few minutes.

If you stick with your learning routine, you’ll be able to observe progress more quickly. And if you’re afraid you’ll lose your motivation, use the “Don’t Break The Chain” technique. Each day, you cross a day on your calendar when you’ve studied. If one day you forget to learn some French, you can’t cross your calendar: you’ve broken the chain! It’s kind of a game in order to stick to your learning plan… But be careful, you don’t want it to become stressful!

Do you know how long it takes to learn French? Well, it depends on your motivation, your mother tongue, the time you dedicate to your French learning, the methods you use... If you really want to learn French fast, you should double your chances by taking French classes. A teacher could save you time by truly showing you which lessons you need to work on.

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