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Online courses for teenagers: how to learn a language quickly?
From Hilary - English teacher, Posted on Aug 13, 2020 11:48:06 AM 0
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Online courses aren't what's missing on the Internet. But still, you need to know which online course to choose according to your profile and the language you want to study! Do you want to help your teenager improve his or her foreign language skills? Does he or she need an after-school supplement? Choose online courses to learn a language quickly...

Today's teenagers are constantly being solicited, whether at school, at home or on social networks. Under these conditions, it can be difficult for them to concentrate on their classes, especially English or Spanish classes. However, being multilingual is a considerable advantage, both for their career and for their personal well-being! To make sure you don't let your teenager lose himself or herself in studies, consider online courses.

The advantages of online courses for teenagers

Global Lingua's language courses are particularly recommended for teenagers. The courses are private, which makes it easier for the student to learn and concentrate. Unlike group classes, the teacher directs all his or her attention towards the student and makes sure to respond according to his or her level and always keeping in mind the student's needs (classes focusing on grammar, conversation, technical vocabulary, etc.).

In addition, the language courses given by Skype (or any other online communication tool) make it easy to share links to various resources. During the online course on Skype, the teacher can share his or her screen to show a text, image or video relevant to learning. Additionally, the teacher can leave comments and documents on the student's personal space. If you never took an online class, read our how-to article!

Finally, taking lessons online means that you avoid extra trips to the course location. It is often difficult to motivate a teenager to come to class. But if the course takes place from home, the problem is solved! It saves a lot of time…


Why take online courses to learn a language quickly?

Of course, another question arises: why take online courses when there are other online resources available? In fact, online courses should be seen as an investment in the future, and as an effective way to learn a language faster.

Indeed, Global Lingua's courses are mainly based on communication and conversation. From the very beginning, the student gets to practice the language in front of the teacher, rather than just through written exercises. Of course, the learning process will be supplemented by reading texts and exercises, but with private online lessons you are sure to master comprehension and speaking more quickly. No need to worry about pronunciation or the right accent to work on: the teacher will not hesitate to correct you throughout the course.

Which online course to choose?

Now it's up to you to decide which online course to choose! Don't think that all online courses are the same. On the contrary, being face to face with a private tutor allows you to have personalized courses well adapted to your needs.

Courses for beginners: It can be intimidating to start a language course. How do you know where to start? What vocabulary to learn? With online courses for beginners, you are guaranteed to be guided through the process and receive regular evaluations.

Intensive courses: If, on the other hand, you need a boost to improve your level before a trip or to catch up before an exam, intensive courses will keep you motivated!

Professional-oriented course: Finally, if you need to learn a language related to a future job (customer service, trade, international business), don't hesitate to talk to your teacher. He or she will be able to adapt his or her classes to give you as much information as possible as well as technical vocabulary.

Online courses can make a big difference when it comes to motivating a teenager to learn a language. Don't hesitate to contact us about available courses.

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